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Hot Foil suppliers

Hot Foil suppliers

Beitragvon likk234 » 9. Jul 2019, 02:32

Product Description:
Product name : hot foil blocking,hot stamping foil, foil, cold foil, heat transfer foil, foil blocking
thickness :12-25micron
color: gold,silver, red,blue, copper, black, transparent, coffee, and so on
pattern : rainbow, snow flower,light pillars, dots, stars
Material certificate : MSDS, ROHS
Technical data sheet :Yes, available
standard size :64cm*120m,64cm*180m, 64cm*600m
jumbo roll : 64cm*3000m,64cm*6000m, 1.28*6000m, 1.5*3000m
application : toner ,paper, plastic (PP,PVC,PP, ABS,PE, HDPE ) textile, glass, leather 、
Greeting cardTeaching model、Knit sweaters、Wide shoulder strap
Packing : standard roll, one roll a plastic bag, ten rolls a carton, finally packed with pallet. Delivery time : within 15 days
Sample delivery time: within 2days
Hot stamping foil application introduction
Application ScopeMaterial Series
Paper industrypaper board, lamianted paper, art paper ......EPX Series
Plastic IndustryPVC, OPP, ABS, PS......EPD Series
Leather IndustryArtifical leather, artifical PU, PVC, genuine Leather ......EPL Series
Textile IndustryTextile and Fabric .....VEP Series
Digital printing IndustryQuick production process ....EBT Series
Hot Stamping Foil is a type of film for creating a decorated sheet which has been widely used on packages
and prints to enhance the visual appeal by giving a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance.
Based on customer’s needs, hot stamping foil color can be various, such as blue, red, or green, but majors in gold and silver. It has been widely used on paper, plastic, leather, fabric, glass or other material. With a pressing process on the color layer, hot stamping foil joints in grating structures and hologram
pattern, which causes diffraction, reflects rainbow spectrums and provides an anti-duplicate result.
We offer a complete line of foils, from various metallic colors to different holographic patterns that support
stamping on different substrate. Special orders are taken.
Production processHot Foil suppliers
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