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China Travel Gearbox For Komatsu Excavators

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China Travel Gearbox For Komatsu Excavators

Beitragvon fish49a » 20. Feb 2020, 00:42

HST, located in tianjin, China, was founded in 1995. Covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with 12,000 square meters of workshop and 3,000 square meters of office building.
We are the first company in China, which is specialized in researching and manufacturing swing and travel reducer assembly for many oversea brands Excavators.
During the past 20 years, HST company keep exalting quality control and supervision level by taking the spirit of “The Originality Manufacturing” in order to supply products with excellent quality. At present, we have made more than one hundred models of swing and travel reducer assembly come into the market, which has been recognized and welcomed by customers.
We have a stable and mature team for developing and designing, the technical department will regularly carry out technical training, improve the level of business constantly.
We insist on using Austrian Aichelin heat treatment system to ensure the high quality of heat treatment process. The perfect combination of high quality meterials and advanced technology, make our high-quality gear a solid foundation.
"Outstanding quality" We are hereby cordial to welcome international customers to carry out comprehensive, multi-level long-term cooperation.China Travel Gearbox For Komatsu Excavators
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